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If you want to know about the latest stories and find some rather unique articles about one of your favourite sports, then MiniBoxing.com is certainly the place for you to be!

MiniBoxing.com is a new website that has been formed as we understand that although there are a number of specific and dedicated sites to the sport, there is still something lacking: analysis.

Of course, our Ronnie Dog Media brand comes from an analytical standpoint with a host of football websites and a growing portfolio of other sports, which is why we have decided to bring on a team of boxing experts that can help give you the same experience football fans are getting!

The team, who love boxing as much as Floyd Mayweather enjoyed winning when in the ring, continue to work extremely hard to produce some of the most unique boxing articles possible, by taking a look at the numbers and the tapes of certain fighters and highlighting things that many media outlets simply do not.

We take a look at analytical aspects of each boxer at MiniBoxing.com, by looking at what they do when they are in the ring and trying to identify certain trends that we have noticed in their various fights that can either be considered a strength or a weakness.

Additionally, we take a look at how two fighters compare to each other and what each one could do to potentially secure the win, whether that be by knockout because of poor protection, or by going the distance but being as effective as possible with each jab that they throw.

Naturally, our team of passionate MiniBoxing.com writers will also look to provide you with the latest news stories from the world of boxing, with each of them continuing to keep on track of the latest breaking news and revealing the details of some of the biggest box office fights scheduled to take place!

Moreover, our team of experts will also provide their opinions across a variety of different subjects, with each of them looking at upcoming fights and suggesting what they believe may happen, whilst some will look at other aspects that feature boxing, including things that may happen in popular culture, as an example!

Can you contribute to our efforts and make MiniBoxing.com the No. 1 boxing website on the net? Do you have an analytical mind and know you can make a difference?

If you can, then we at Ronnie Dog Media are looking for you and want you to apply to join our team here!