Inicio Real Betis Balompié Serra, on the illusion of returning to the Betis: "Still stay"

Serra, on the illusion of returning to the Betis: "Still stay"

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Serra, on the illusion of returning to the Betis: "Still stay"

With the return to football nearby, there are many personalities who continue to participate in interviews about sports news. Recently it was...

Serra, sobre la ilusión de volver al Betis: «Sigue estando»

Con la vuelta al fútbol cercana, son muchas las personalidades que continúan participando en entrevistas sobre actualidad deportiva. Recientemente ha sido Lorenzo...

With the return to football nearby, there are many personalities who continue to participate in interviews about sports news. Recently it was Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, legend of the beautician, who has left some words for Radio Sevilla about the Real Betis Balompié.

It is precisely 26 years since the rise of betis to Primera by the hand of Serra, to which the former Verdiblanco leader referred: "One has extraordinary remembrance of that. It seemed like an impossible challenge, for the few remaining games. There was an excellent commitment from the players and I have a great memory."

The former Spanish coach continued to talk about his first stage in Heliopolis: "I do not intend to brag much; I want to add, not look for individual situations, because it would be awkward on my part. We managed to have one day left over, the last one in the Villamarín… Betis can never boast of a promotion to Primera, for the entity and the greatness it has. The following year, we managed to make third in first division, with few tweaks in the squad… I identified a lot with the club, with the hobby."

- Anuncio -

After almost a year of his departure and in the face of a hypothetical future return, Serra revealed: "The illusion remains, I don't have to pretend or say anything else. I follow closely the events that take place in the Real Betis. I have quite a few friends with which to exchange opinions, suggestions… I don't have to move this situation forward; I don't know what's going to happen and if the current managers see my return useful. Or if I'm happy or I'm trained to develop what they might offer me. I don't feel like I'm thinking 100 percent of this," he concretized.

"Resentment is useless. I have a rather bitter memory of this situation. There are important people to focus on. I'm identified with the Betis. It's not a matter of customizing, this doesn't fit anymore. Now the team's classification is in the air; I hope that in the final stretch you can approach European posts and not fight for smaller objectives. I do not want to seek a contrast of opinions, because this does not help anything and harms the Betis", concluded on his last moments in the Andalusian entity.

On the situation by Covid-19, Lorenzo took the opportunity to comment on how it may affect football, and to maintain his confidence in the quarries: "This crisis will affect football, directly to the economy. Managers will have to structure a lot of things. Big Data helps, but someone has to know how to choose. It's not easy to fight inside the best in The Spanish LaLiga. In that ascent that we remember now I sustained myself in the players of the quarry, such as Merino, Marquez, Roberto Ríos, Ureña, young people… in addition to Rafael Gordillo. In the Cup final there were six or seven players from the quarry in the lineup. At least there must be a third of players in the quarry in the squad. That identifies the hobby."

Finally, he spoke about the situation of the complex led by Rubi, to which he clarified that "it is a good template", but "perhaps somewhat decompensated in some things", to conclude: "I am a member, amateur and shareholder, but it would not be good if I entered into evaluations of the work of the technical secretariat or any aspect of the club. I have my opinion, now as an amateur, but it wouldn't be good if I expressed it."

Serra Ferrer continues in the minds of all the ethical fans and, without a doubt, these statements will not be overlooked in the green sector, who still remind him of the great achievements he has achieved with the entity of the thirteen bars.

- Anuncio -


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